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Rod Dunnett

Rod Dunnett is the Director of Tennis for Three Village Tennis Club in Setauket, NY and is a USTA nationally ranked player.   Previously he was the Director of Tennis at Shadow Hills Tennis Club in Palm Springs, Ca and Lead Instructor for Topnotch Resort & Spa (recently rated #4 in the country, Tennis Magazine).  

Rod graduated from Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington, and was an executive for Bank of America for many years. He has been president for Habitat for Humanity, a board member for Southern Nevada Community Colleges, a talk show host for a Las Vegas NBC affiliate station and a published author on teaching tennis to older adults.

Rod left Bank of America to start a Private Bank  in Las Vegas as the President and Chairman. Looking back, he realized that he had spent much of his career in pursuit of dollar signs, and in 2003 decided it was time for doing what he loved; teaching tennis and skiing.

With banking behind him, he turned his passions into second careers and became the director of tennis for Snowcreek Resort and a certified ski instructor for Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. 

As a player, Rod was the playing captain for his 4.5 USTA national team and currently is a nationally ranked player.

Rod is the owner of The Dunnett Tennis Academy that is located at Three Village Tennis Club in Setauket, NY. 

The Adult Academy works on stroke production, footwork skills, and highly successful strategies using the legendary teaching methods pioneered by Nick Bolliterri, Tom Gullickson (Davis Cup Captain) and Wayne Bryan (Coach & Father of the Bryan brothers).   The sessions are fast-paced and enjoyable. 

The Junior Academy utilizes similar teaching techniques.  The Academy is segmented both by age and skill level to allow everyone to reach their potential. The activities are fast-paced and high-energy, keeping the children involved and having fun.  As the student progresses in age or ability they work on actual tennis technique, footwork and strategy and beginning score keeping.  We then prepare participants for competition and match play. The USPTA certified staff instruct students on how to hit the ball to achieve the desired results and begin instruction on serving.  Finally, there is a focus on advanced technical instruction to take the student to playing on the High School or College tennis team.

At his club, Three Village, Rod holds daily clinics, teaches group and private lessons.  "I get a real joy out of watching my students reach their goals of improving their tennis skills.  When a member gets that great smile on their face after hitting a great shot I still get goose bumps"  Rod also strings racquets and runs the tennis programs  including competitive ladders, round robins, social mixers and coaches USTA League teams. 

Quotes from Rod's students:

"I learned this weekend , first hand, what "magic" can happen when the body is used more "naturally" and how one can be coached into this "ease of motion" - C.B.   

"The instruction was absolutely outstanding, focusing on a different aspect of the game each day from a technical, tactical, and mental perspective. I found the feedback to be targeted, effective, and personal --- Rod was able to manage 'zeroing in' on each players strengths and needs (no general 'move those feet' comments!)" - S.F.

Rod's wife, Heather, manages the Pro Shop. His son, Eric, is the Manager of Tennis Operations for the Gates Tennis Center in Denver.  His daughter Angie is a Professional Body Builder, wife and mother in Pensacola, Florida, and his daughter Tricia is a wife and mother in Granite Falls, Wash.

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